Beautiful, seo friendly ecommerce websites built on the magento platform

Selling goods in today’s global market is a whole new ballgame for retailers and if you don’t know your Magento store from your proprietary eCommerce business solution then you could be losing out on valuable business opportunities.


Once upon a time, being a retailer meant leasing a shop, buying some stock and then opening your doors so that customers could come and buy your wares. Nowadays, if you don’t have an online presence you could find your retail business lagging behind your competitors and a whole world of customers won’t be able to buy from your outlet to boost your profits.


The modern shopkeeper needs to know about web development, online selling platforms, search engine optimisation and a whole host of website oriented jargon which can seem daunting. BORN can help, as we offer bespoke online-store business solutions backed up by our website design, development and SEO (search engine optimisation) expertise.


Magento for retailers – What can it do for you?


Magento is a flexible eCommerce platform which empowers companies, from the smallest single unit to large firms with multiple outlets, to set up an online store and efficiently manage all aspects of their e-shopping business opportunity.


A BORN-developed Magento package can include a customer-friendly shopping cart, stock control systems, advanced product image capabilities, sophisticated pricing tools for special offer items and a whole host of other features.


One of customers has this to say about how the implementation of a Magento eCommerce system has helped his business.


“We’ve found that moving on to a Magento platform for our Mobile phone retail website Tuff Phones has enabled us to be totally in charge and given us freedom to make immediate ‘real time’ changes to all aspects of our site.


“It has given us full ownership of our online store. In a nutshell, it gives the average P.C. user the ability to affect changes to a website, which up until a few years ago was only in the realms of I.T. specialists.”


Building a Magento store with BORN


Magento is an open-source application which can be tailored to suit your needs whatever products you are selling or size of your retail outlet. BORN can design, build and host your website, incorporating Magento, to offer an eCommerce business solution utilising top web developers, leading SEO exponents and project managers to oversee the smooth running of the whole operation.


If you wish to enquire about the custom-building of a Magento store which could solve your eCommerce problems contact the BORN team today.