The world of eCommerce enters a new age of technical evolution and with it a requirement for better, more responsive website solutions

What is Etail 3.0


Etail 3.0 ecommerce is the new level of customer service and satisfaction that online retailers must aspire to, embrace and achieve to enjoy business success that will last into the next decade.


Online retail has moved on from simply undercutting high street retailers – etail 3.0 is the term now coined by business to describe the next wave of e-commerce development where online stores overtake their offline rivals.


Etail 3.0 heralds an era of seamless integration achieved across all business processes and IT systems end-to-end, enabling customers to interact perfectly via retail websites, on desktop, mobile and tablets.


The UK e-commerce market is forecast to account for almost 20% of the country’s £300 billion retail business by the end of this year. This is a figure that has been growing substantially year-on-year.


Despite one of the deepest global recessions in living memory, e-commerce is showing every sign of continuing a sustained and effective assault on the traditional shopping high street. And mobile is starting to account for a large chunk of that market.


Etail 3.0 – Better ecommerce for retailers


The new breed of successful etailers are primarily providing superior product ranges and great value for customers that cannot be found in shopping centres. They’re also delivering the experience better to customers.


Mark Chapman, BORN’s e business marketing manager, said, “What is different now is that etail 3.0 allows online stores to surpass customer service and satisfaction that shoppers were used to in traditional bricks-and-mortar outlets.


“How can a website do that? It must create a better experience not available in town and city centres. Is this possible? In fact, many online stores are already succeeding on this new retail battleground.”


As well as encouraging shoppers with familiar money-off promotions and discounted delivery, etail 3.0 stores are taking all that is good from Web 2.0 – collaboration on the web, user-centred design, improved communication, social networking and the like – and delivering a better experience than shoppers enjoy on the high street.


Etail 3.0 – the web and IT working together


Originally, the Internet was a linking medium used for research by government and academia. E-mail subsequently evolved from this embryonic communications channel, as did the worldwide web.


The building blocks of successful ebusinesses were separate pieces of technology – e-mail, search engine optimisation (SEO), direct marketing, shopping carts, customer relationship management (CRM), content management systems (CMS).


Now, the web, responsive design techniques and IT systems have evolved to work together seamlessly, enabling retailers to respond rapidly to any customer demand and emerging market opportunities.


Build a profitable ebusiness with Etail 3.0


Well known etailers that are recognised to be ahead of the curve, as demonstrated by their successful e-commerce and IT operations, include Net-A-Porter, ASOS and Glasses Direct.


Each one of these is exploiting trends and niche retail areas and providing superior customer experiences that entice shoppers to spend online rather than waste precious leisure time hunting around Britain’s high streets for what they want.


Using smart marketing and delivery methods, these etail 3.0 ebusinesses are overcoming the ‘trying-on-clothes’ complaint that is regularly trotted out about online stores. Combine innovation in this area with responsive customer service, and it becomes clear how these firms are trumping their offline rivals.


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