Yahoo to shut down Altavista on July 8th

Yahoo to shut down Altavista on July 8th

Altavista was launched in December 1995 and within two years it was receiving 80 million hits per day. Webmasters quickly realised how they could improve their site’s listings in Altavista by keyword stuffing the meta-tags and body content.  The SEO industry was born!

However with the rise in popularity of Google, Altavista slowly lost market share.  Their crawler (Scooter) was primarily focused on content whereas the Googlebot was looking at links and link text. The quality of Google’s search results won the war and in 1996 Altavista was purchased by Yahoo who kept the brand name but replaced the search engine results with their own.

Yahoo announced in a blog post that it will be shutting down Altavista along with 11 other products including Foxy Tunes, Citizen Sport and Yahoo Axis. 

The blog post states:

Earlier this year, we announced an ongoing effort to sharpen our focus and deliver experiences that enhance your daily lives. As part of that, today we’re shutting down a few products so we can continue to focus on creating beautiful products that are essential to you every day.

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