Spider.io bought by Google

Spider.io bought by Google

Google has acquired Spider.io, a London startup company with seven employees.  Spider.io has exposed a number of methods which botnet owners and malware creators use in order to defraud companies of advertising revenue.

In February 2013, Spider.io identified the Chameleon botnet which throughout 2012, had been costing display advertisers over $6 Million per month after infecting at least 120,000 computers in the USA. The deal with Spider.io will allow Google to more easily identify botnets, malware and scammers who target the online ad market and who cost the industry around £6 billion pounds per year.

Neal Mohan, the head of Display Advertising at Google said “Over the long term, our goal is to improve the metrics that advertisers and publishers use to determine the value of digital media and give all parties a clearer, cleaner picture of what campaigns and media are truly delivering strong results. Also, by including Spider.io’s fraud fighting expertise in our products, we can scale our efforts to weed out bad actors and improve the entire digital ecosystem.”

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