We believe in building well structured website architecture to provide an all-important basis for SEO

Carefully structured site architecture and the sub-division of websites through micro-sites, sub-domains and well-thought-out page naming conventions; BORN built websites are carefully planned with well-thought-out URL naming conventions and the development of micro-sites.


Micro-sites can best be described as cells within a framework of the main website which focus on very specific niche areas.


We are careful about maintaining the integrity of micro-site architecture and internal linking of these to other parts of a site in order that Google, and other search spiders, can clearly identify certain parts of a site which reflect very distinct categories of information.


Each campaign is created using a thoughtful approach to commercial goals and defined, short, medium and long-term strategies to maximise return on investment.


Several important elements form the basis of each campaign. These include the production of high quality, on-brand content; properly structured website architecture, folder structure and internal linking protocols, including well-thought-out page naming conventions and well scripted URLs and Meta content; an intelligent, contextually relevant inbound linking strategy, including a joined-up approach to PR; and an appropriate mix of social media activity, as an intrinsic aspect of each campaign.