At BORN we build and optimise the best in performance ecommerce websites for retailers

High street and online stores in the UK need to employ search engine optimisation (SEO) for retailers to maintain and grow their customer base.


Research shows retailers in this country have plenty of scope to improve their natural, organic search rankings in Google and the other search engines – but many are not doing so.


In today’s Internet era, it is not enough to rely solely on a traditional marketing mix. One of the few successful online retailers is Type in virtually any search term with the word ‘book’ on the end and an Amazon search result comes in first place or just below.


Consider SEO for retailers


Try that looking for products from the likes of Tesco, Comet and John Lewis and, while much budget is often being allocated to pay-per-click, the natural results are sadly lacking.


If you are a high street retailer, a store off the beaten track, or an online e-business, then it is important to develop a stream of clients via the web. Given the economic problems that can affect trading conditions, now is a good time for retailers to consider optimising sites for search engines.


BORN Thinking is a company that specialises in SEO for retailers, online stores and e-commerce websites. We have helped a number of online retailers build business-winning positions in the search engine rankings to generate website sales.


We focus on key areas such as the Google algorithm, carefully-structured site architecture, threaded contextual linking, customer-focused search engine friendly content and effective link-building strategies.


SEO for retailers delivers proven results


In addition, the SEO benefits of optimised product pages for retailers cannot be over-emphasised. Our techniques have been proven to build higher traffic levels and better conversion rates.


With the vast majority of people who use search engines clicking on organic results, SEO for retailers enables store owners to build and develop a bigger customer base without relying only on footfall from physical locations.