Specialist SEO services for banks and building societies

One of the most competitive sectors in natural search is the financial services sector with most of the large banks, building societies and insurers competing for the online pound.


Because this sector is so heavily regulated, search engine optimisation for banks and other financial services organisations should be carried out by an organisation which understands the regulatory requirements of the sector. This is of especial importance where the SEO Company is providing the written content for the website.


As search engine optimisation is now so very dependent on content (the adage that ‘content is king’ is largely accepted by most in the SEO community as being the case) – it is vital that your SEO company can write compliant copy to satisfy the FSA as well as the user and the website owner.


BORN is based in Chichester, UK and San Francisco, USA and specialises in search engine optimisation for banks and other financial services sector regulated companies. Our copywriters are able to write for a wide range of financial service applications, from insurance companies to mortgage lenders.


While website copy is important, it isn’t just about content, BORN’s technical team are some of the best brains in the business. Our holistic approach to building and adapting websites to appeal to the search engines has helped our clients websites completely dominate in some of the most competitive and heavily regulated of sectors in online search.


For more information about BORN’s SEO services for banks and other financial service sector companies, call BORN on +44 (0) 1243 786728.