SEO consultancy, tailored to the needs of your business

As one of our core services, BORN provides a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultation service to clients requiring external support for their internal operations.


This will typically be in cases where an organisation manages its own web development function within an internal department (usually within IT or marketing) but does not have an in depth knowledge or understanding about current SEO best practice.


The level of support provided very much depends upon the budgets available and the extent to which BORN would be involved on a day to day basis, the frequency of client meetings required and the level/mix of telephone support/face-to-face meetings and guidance required. More often than not, a consultation service will run alongside a project specific brief/s for tasks which are outwith the client company’s level of expertise/experience or where there is insufficient resource for specific optimisation projects internally.

How is the BORN consultation service delivered?

Born SEO consultancy is about being transparent and open about all our SEO techniques – nothing is hidden

The consultation service is provided by a committee of BORN team members. Before commencing the SEO consultation service, BORN will elect a team of appropriate consultants who will form the committee.


Depending upon the level of consultation required the committee will consist of up to four members of the BORN team, all of whom can be accessible to the client company and its employees for designated time slots during a given period (usually measured in hourly or half day slots during a month – depending upon the individual concerned).


We would generally recommend that members of the committee meet at least once per month with members of the team at the client company. Additional meetings may be convened depending upon the level of consultation being provided/required at any given time.


The level of consultation can be increased from month to month, if required by the client company. A committee will generally comprise of an SEO strategist, a lead SEO web developer, a lead SEO copywriter and in some instances an account manager with general knowledge of all above areas. If the consultation required is purely of a strategic nature, then the committee may only consist of an SEO strategist.


In most cases the more formal consultation meetings are supplemented by ad-hoc telephone consultations, which if involving several committee members, may be telephone conferences. It is often desirable to hold a telephone conference as opposed to a face to face meeting due to the time/cost efficiencies gained and the sensible use of budgets.


These can be further supplemented by email correspondence covering specific issues requiring clarification or guidance by the client.


In addition, we also provide telephone support in the form of a helpline for urgent or special situations where clients need immediate help or advice on specific issues. This service is usually included within the support package.


Prior to consultation meetings, the client company is required to submit an agenda seven days prior to the meeting to provide for sufficient time for the consultation committee to prepare supporting documentation and presentation material.


During consultation meetings the BORN consultation committee will consider matters relating to recent and likely developments in SEO best practice and give an overview as to the cause and effect of any immediate activities which are likely to impact on web rankings, visitor traffic etc for the client company. BORN will also provide such information as in the reasonable opinion of the committee head, is relevant to the consideration of such matters.


Scope of SEO consulting


BORN adopts an holistic approach to search engine optimisation. As such our consultation service provides for the widest range of information and support in every area of SEO and search marketing.




The SEO consultation service provides a wholly transparent facility; this means that BORN give away much of our intellectual property, sharing our prime information resources with our clients. As such it is important that clients and their representatives respect the privacy of the consultation meetings/conferences and any documentation submitted and agree to keep all information that we provide to them about search engine marketing confidential.

The Objectives of BORN Consultancy

The spirit and intention of the Search Engine Optimisation Consultation Service is to promote a transparent and harmonious understanding of best practice in SEO through the development of effective joint discussions and consultative meetings between certain BORN team members and employees of the client company.


Through this process, which provides for a forum for regular consultation and discussion, the communication channels between the parties are enhanced and the general understanding of best practice in SEO is improved over time.


This also leads to a better understanding of the common objectives of both parties, mitigates areas of misunderstanding and removes duplication of tasks (where development projects have to be redone due to bad or outdated practice in SEO being employed).


The overarching objective of SEO consultation is to create better performing websites through the effective use of best practice techniques in optimising web pages and ultimately providing a substantial return on investment.