Intelligent, contextually relevant inbound linking strategies

Links are an incredibly important part of any site’s infrastructure and show that other websites deem it a valuable source of information.


A well thought out and structured link campaign (this is the process of getting other websites to link to your websites) is vital to support good practice in SEO. Inbound links are undoubtedly still a highly important component of the Google algorithm.


There are several ways in which a website can go about generating inbound links but many of these techniques are highly dangerous and could serve only to jeopardise the rankings of a site.


Some companies go about buying links from ‘link farmers’. This is regarded by Google as an abuse – a method of trying to ‘trick’ its algorithm. Other techniques involve ‘swapping’ links or ‘triangulating’ links (a process where websites swap links on different websites to avoid a direct exchange of links). As Google has developed its technology and algorithm over the years, all these strategies have become less effective and in many respects have proved detrimental to websites using them.


When Google began the ‘link’ algorithm was the single most important component of the original overarching algorithm and the system on which Google based its much debated ‘Page Rank Algorithm’.


However, we now believe this has become less weighted by Google, probably because it had become the most widely and easily abused feature used by webmasters looking to climb the rankings quickly. So, although it may seem a little strange to some, BORN’s main link strategy involves building quality content on each site.


Whether this involves informative, written content or detailed information, great on-page graphics or 3D imagery, we believe that quality content, over time, generates quality inbound external links.

While this might be a ‘slower burn’ in terms of generating links – ultimately it is a safe and reliable strategy which generates very natural, good quality inbound links that are unlikely to upset the search engines.


We also write various topical articles, relating to the subject matter of our websites, which are distributed to other communities on the net and may subsequently be picked up by other interested online parties. It certainly helps if links coming into a site are from well-respected bodies and this strategy has proven successful. We are continuing to develop this approach in increasingly sophisticated ways to generate better quality inbound links from highly relevant websites.


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