An introduction to keywords

BORN provides visitor-focused, engine-friendly content optimising a specific set of keywords and keyphrases in the most natural way possible. This is combined with a range of other optimisation techniques.


The BORN team comprises six full time copywriters and with this team we are well placed to write a flow of original, informative content for our clients’ sites. Our staff are either English Language graduates, with a degree in creative writing or with journalism qualifications.


Each staff member is given extensive training in writing search engine friendly copy. Whilst all staff are talented writers it is vital that they go through rigorous training before they become competent SEO copy writers.


Keyword analysis is very much an advanced science and BORN is proud to be among the country’s foremost experts in this area. Our team will identify a core set of keywords – we call these the ‘primary keyphrases’. These will then become the cornerstone of our search engine optimisation activities. We will also identify sets of ‘long-tail keyphrases’ and a tertiary list comprising of synonyms and stemmed keywords.


These will be used alongside the ‘generic terms’ to compliment their effectiveness and help capture more specific searchers. These will also cater for people searching for a service or product in a particular area and those who have particularly specialised needs or perform specific product searches which might include a brand name or a product code.


All the keywords that will be used to optimise a website organically will be identified using a combination of our own specialist knowledge and using dedicated software tools. The keyword usage of competitors will also be investigated and the effectiveness of their optimisation attempts will be benchmarked.


No matter how important and popular a keyword may be, there is a fine line between using it to maximum effect and using it excessively to the detriment of the site. Here at BORN we know exactly how to keep this balance, and you’ll never find our sites littered with such keyword overuse that the search engines will consider the pages to be ‘spammy’ and condemn them to the darker depths of the rankings.