Targeting the correct keywords through keyword and keyphrase analysis

Keyphrase analysis is the cornerstone of any successful search marketing campaign, be it a paid search campaign or a natural search engine optimisation programme.


Keyphrase analysis boils down to the identification of a selection of relevant keywords and strings of keywords, known as keyphrases. Keyphrases are sometimes referred to as keyword phrases or keywords strings.


The analysis of keywords to be used in a campaign is not to be taken lightly. The initial review has to be carried out diligently with relevant keywords ordered into groups or categories of phrases. Sufficient time has to be dedicated to this critical aspect of any campaign to ensure future success.


At BORN, during the keyphrase analysis phase we group keywords into different categories. These fall into three main headings and thereafter are grouped into sub-categories. The three main groups comprise of Primary Keyphrases, Generic Terms and Tertiary Terms.


At BORN we then order Keyphrases into several sub-categories in a system of prioritisation and depending on the subject matter of website are then broken down further into separate themes.


What are Primary Keyphrases


These generally (but by no-means always) comprise of several words in the string and are often referred to by us as long-tail-strings. They will be exact phrases used commonly by searchers looking for a specific service or product. A good example of a Primary Keyphrase in the car insurance sector is ‘car insurance for young driver’. A website with a bias towards young driver insurance being optimised by us would highly likely have specific pages with this Keyphrase employed.


What are Generic Terms


These are a single word or group of words which very often sum-up the generic theme of a website. An internet retailer selling bicycles would therefore have the Keyphrase ‘bicycle’ or ‘bike’ as the main Generic Term. In the case of an internet car insurer the main Generic Term would be ‘car insurance’.


What are Tertiary Keyphrases


These will often be synonyms of the Generic Terms and Primary Keyphrases as well as related phrases or words. Our strategies at BORN include writing certain sections of websites specifically using synonyms of the main Keyphrases as well as employing synonyms within highly focused webpages. This enables us to ensure websites are not over optimised but to add content at a steady pace which is on theme.


Over the last few years the search engines have become much more sophisticated, as have searchers in the way they search for information, services and products. These advancements in technology and behaviour have lead to a need to be ever more refined in the way we tackle Keyphase analysis for search engine optimisation campaigns.


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