The latest WordPress feature, free audio blogging by phone

The latest WordPress feature, free audio blogging by phone

If you are a WordPress user, you can now enable the ‘Post by Voice’ option under the ‘My Blogs’ tab. This will give you a phone number and pin code which allows you to call your blog by phone. The audio file is then automatically posted to your blog for your subscribers to listen to.

WordPress are currently running the new audio blogging feature as a free trial (although normal phone call charges apply), with a view to introducing paid upgrades in the future.

The maximum length of recording is one hour and there is no need to upgrade webspace in order to use the service. The recording ends when the software detects ten seconds of silence.

Post by Voice is powered by the Twilio API, a telephony API which allows developers to easily integrate phone and SMS services into web-based applications.

In June 2010 Twilio also released OpenVBX, an advanced business telephony system with a simple drag and drop interface for users. OpenVBX boasts a whole wealth of features such as allowing voicemails and calls to be routed to specific users or groups, or they can be transcribed using text-to-speech technology.

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