Mike Page

Director of SEO


Mike joined the company in 2003 as an accomplished data architect, web developer and programmer; he is highly proficient in a number of languages including PHP, JavaScript and Microsoft .NET technologies.


His unhealthy obsession with SEO began just before Google’s Florida update which saw the world of digital marketing turned upside down.  Self-trained through months of lurking and posting on the major forums of the SEO world, he became instrumental in developing a number of dominant online brands in some of the most competitive spaces within the legal and financial services sectors.


After a decade in the SEO industry, Mike’s white-hat approach to SEO helps to keep BORN’s clients ahead of their competition by researching and monitoring the continual evolution of ‘search’ and second-guessing Google’s direction in terms of future algorithm and indexing changes.


Every day brings a new challenge at BORN, and when he isn’t unravelling the mysterious inner workings of search engines, Mike may be found tracking and analysing complex PPC campaigns or performing high-level strategic SEO audits for international price comparison websites.