Internet marketing goes to the beach with the IdeaPad

Internet marketing goes to the beach with the IdeaPad

Ok, all you techno fans out there, what do you get if you want the functionality of a laptop combined with fun-ality (yes, we know it’s not a word) of a tablet? You get the IdeaPad Hybrid – for all your internet marketing and website design needs.

Unveiled at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the IdeaPad U1 Hybrid is made by Chinese computer company Lenovo and can be used for all manner of work tasks when in laptop mode, but has the nifty ability to lose the keyboard and become a full touch-screen tablet computer.

The slate has been named LePad and is powered by Google’s Android software and a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. When in laptop mode the IdeaPad uses Microsoft’s Windows 7 and a more powerful Intel processor.

Lenovo reps at the CES seemed particularly proud of the tablet’s four panel interface technology and it’s ability to switch, in an instant, from Windows to Android.

The whole thing weighs less than a bag of sugar &ndash that’s 2.2 pounds or a kilogram &ndash and connects to the all important internet via 3G. It boasts a 26 centimetre full colour screen, a front-facing camera and a battery which will power up to eight hours of surfing. So, you could do a full day of internet marketing from the beach, if you want to. Oh yes, I want to.

CES 2011: Lenovo’s Win7/Android Based Tablet/Notebook Hybrid

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