SEO consultancy news – BORN in best search engine optimisation guide

SEO consultancy news – BORN in best search engine optimisation guide

One of the most reputable search marketing guides has just been published in the UK and features expert SEO consultancy advice from BORN Thinking.

Leading digital marketing group, Econsultancy, sought contributions from consultants at BORN to the latest ‘SEO Best Practice Guide’ that brings together search engine optimisation specialists from across the world.

Among the guide’s recommendations and tips, BORN highlights the importance of creating and optimising themed content to develop information centres that the search engines recognise for their subject content and display in results pages (SERPs).

It has proven to be one of BORN’s key approaches that has developed great business-winning positions in Google and other search engines for clients who want to generate sales leads and achieve return on investment.

E Business Marketing Manager Mark Chapman said, “BORN is delighted to feature in a terrific guide that will help anyone interested in search engine optimisation to better understand this important online marketing discipline.

“For BORN’s search insight and expertise to feature alongside specialist know-how from the likes of Google consultant Steve Johnston and other top search companies is recognition of BORN’s leading position and growing importance in the industry.”

Dr Dave Chaffey, lead author of the SEO Best Practice Guide, said, “BORN Thinking supplied great examples of good SEO practice.”

Dave is a specialist online marketing consultant and trainer, recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 marketing “gurus” worldwide who are said to have shaped the future of marketing.

Published this spring, the guide is available from the Econsultancy website and contains about 300 pages of SEO consultancy advice and information.

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