Is Pinterest the new SEO miracle worker?

Is Pinterest the new SEO miracle worker?

According to Mashable, Pinterest is now the number 3 social network in the United States with 104 million users, not far behind Twitter (182 million users) and the data shows that there are 60% female users and 40% male.  The volume of sales which are being generated via Pinterest is growing rapidly. It is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools for placing your brand in front of users even though only 30% of brand’s Pinterest engagement come from their own pins.

PinterestSo is Pinterest the new ‘silver bullet’ for SEO campaigns?  Not according to Jordan Kasteler at Search Engine Land.  He explains how SEO companies are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon in order to gain free links to their clients websites and missing the point of Pinterest entirely.  He explains that Pinterest is a community, not an SEO tool.  If you want to reap any SEO benefit from Pinterest the best approach is to concentrate on connencting with other users and adding value to the community through the quality of your pins.

Don’t rely on Pinterest for ‘followable’ links.  Making all links on Pinterest ‘no-follow’ is just a minor coding change away for the company.

View Pinterest as a way of connecting with people, sharing your interests, making a positive contribution to the community, commenting on other boards and pins and building relationships.  The more you put into the community, the more you will be rewarded with brand exposure, traffic referrals and inbound links.



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