Google Webspam team announce imminent algorithm changes

Google Webspam team announce imminent algorithm changes

Matt Cutts has published a short Webmaster Help video outlining what webmasters can expect in the next big algorithm change. He once again reiterated that Google’s aim is to reward websites which are trying hard to improve the user experience.  These are great sites that users love, that users want to bookmark, tell their friends about, bookmark and revisit over and over again, all the things that make a site compelling.

Mutt Cutts from the Google Webspam Team

Google are close to deploying the next generation of Penguin which they are calling Penguin 2.0.  Penguin is the part of the algorithm which tries to identify and counteract black hat SEO techniques.  Penguin 2.0 is likely to go deeper and have more impact than Penguin 1.0.  Anything that violates the Google quality guidelines may be affected including advertorials where websites are buying or selling paid links in order to pass pagerank.  Search engine results which have traditionally been more spammy such as ‘pay day loans’, ‘adult entertainment’ or certain pharmaceutical products will have much cleaner results.

The new roll out may include a new system which can provide more sophisticated link analysis, a system which the webspam team have been working on for the last few months. 

The algorithms way of dealing with hacked sites is to see an improvement both in the detection and the communication to the webmaster concerned via Google Webmaster Tools. 

Additional signals may be incorporated in the Panda part of the algorithm in order to identify ‘authority’ websites which have lost out in the search engine rankings to spammier websites.

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