40 more changes to Google search quality

40 more changes to Google search quality

Google have just released a list of 40 search algorithm changes made in February 2012.  Most of them were rolled out earlier in the month but one or two are being rolled out at the beginning of March.

Among the less interesting tweaks such as the “better triggering for Turkish weather search feature” there are a number of interesting changes.

  • Link evaluation: The way in which links are evaluated has been changed, one method of evaluation that Google has used for years has been turned off.
  • Spam update:  A number of weaknesses in their ability to detect spam have been fixed.
  • Panda update:  Data in the Panda system has been refreshed, making it more accurate and sensitive to current trends on the internet.
  • Consolidation of signals for spiking topics:  Google needs to be able to determine the reason for large unexpected spikes in data.  The new system has the ability to work in realtime detecting spiking topics as quickly as possible.  Detecting spiking topics also gives them the ability to differentiate spam, where a webmaster buys thousands of links simultaneously, from trending topics where thousands of links appear naturaly due to a major news story or viral advert.
  • Disabling two old fresh query classifiers:  Google have disabled two old methods relating to query freshness.

Here at Born we have seen the effects of some of these changes already.  We will be monitoring the last of these changes as they roll out over the next couple of days.


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