Google+ business profiles removed

Google+ business profiles removed

Over the last two weeks, Google has been removing thousands of business accounts from Google Plus. Sesame Street and Ford are two of the largest businesses that have been hit so far. Google’s explanation to those affected stated that “we are currently limiting profiles to real people and will be launching a profile for businesses and other entities later this year.”

The businesses which have been removed, have been told they have violated Google’s Community Standards or their Names Policy. Currently accounts have to be registered as a real person with a gender.

In June Google invited businesses to register for a trial of the new Google Plus business profiles, but the page appears to have now been removed.

Christian Oestlien Google Plus project manager

Christian Oestlien, a Google project manager explained that the intitial interest for the trial was intense and as a consequence they have refocused some of their priorities to enable them to launch Google+ for business ‘in the next few months.’

In the meantime, Christian Oestlien has asked users not to create a business profile using a regular profile on Google+ as the platform is not currently suitable and recommends businesses find a real person to represent their organisation using their own profile.

When they are launched, the new business-focused accounts are rumoured to include the ability to connect a businesses identity to other parts of Google that businesses currently use such as Google Base, Google Local, Google Apps and AdWords.

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