Google has purchased a renowned robotics company

Google has purchased a renowned robotics company

When mentioning Google, individuals will most likely think of the corporate giant which helps people navigate the internet and locate specific websites. However, as of today, the company could also now be regarded as an advanced robotics firm.

Google has announced its purchase of Boston Dynamics, a company renowned for designing such high-tech machines as the WildCat – a robot which is being manufactured to quickly run across different terrain types. You can view the WildCat being put through its paces on this YouTube video.

Boston Dynamics has also developed other interesting robots, including:

  • The Cheetah – holding the title of ‘world’s fastest robot’, this machine can travel at speeds greater than 29mph.
  • The BigDog – a large robot capable of transporting loads which weigh up to 340lb.
  • The Sand Flea – a machine capable of jumping up to 30ft in the air in order to negotiate tall obstacles.

Further details about the acquisition, such as how much Google paid and what it intends to do with these designs, is currently unclear. However, the commercial and practical uses are virtually limitless. For example, these machines could be used in conflicts to help prevent soldiers from sustaining personal injury in military accidents.

One thing is almost certain though – soon Individuals might not only be using Google to undertake internet searches, but could also be using the firm to regularly accomplish complicated and challenging tasks with the aid of advanced robotics.

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