BORN launch an innovative way for consumers to find the right lawyer – Oratto

BORN Thinking, the digital marketing agency that specialises in legal, financial services and eCommerce, is this week launching ‘Oratto’, an innovative new proposition in the legal services space.

Oratto will provide consumers of legal services the ability to properly consider their options when faced with a legal situation or if they require some form of legal advice from a qualified lawyer. Information about a variety of common legal issues will be freely accessible in clearly defined sections of the website alongside in-depth profiles of individual lawyers who specialise in each of the practice areas featured.

Commenting on the launch, Kevin Nessling of BORN said, “The proposition has been built to combine a volume of informative and interesting information concerning a wide variety of common legal issues – this is dovetailed in with the profiles and contact information of lawyers who have a specialisation in the relevant area of law.

“Oratto is looking to take the fear and uncertainty out of finding and engaging with the right lawyer. Its primary aim is to empower consumers with better information about individual lawyers, so they can make smarter, more informed choices. When consumers are searching for lawyers, especially individuals requiring private client services, it’s not so much about the law firm; it’s more about the individual practitioner. The user needs to feel they can trust the appointed lawyer to do a great job for them. The firm sitting behind that lawyer is a secondary consideration. The website has some powerful search functionality which will come into its own once a volume of lawyers are on board.”

The lawyers’ profiles featured on Oratto will be the best of any comparative source on the internet. Each will contain a detailed overview of the lawyer and the work that lawyer undertakes. Case studies and testimonials will further define their work and how they handle it. Detail regarding each lawyer’s qualifications, published cases, membership of relevant organisations and awards, along with a snapshot of the law firm they work for will provide valuable information for the consumer to be able to make better educated choices. Users will be able to add lawyers to a shortlist and compare each side-by-side within a single web page before choosing which lawyer to engage.

Each lawyer will be given an Oratto profile rating, based on the completeness and quality of their profile. Users will be able to search for a lawyer by Oratto rating, by expertise or by specific specialism as well as by distance from their postcode. Nessling believes that Geography is no longer necessarily a primary factor; consumers would rather appoint a more suitably qualified solicitor based 100 miles away than one on their doorstep who lacks the same level of expertise.

The wiki-like legal information will be built up on the website over the coming months and it is hoped that the majority of lawyers featured will contribute articles and other useful information, to enhance their profiles and demonstrate the level of their expertise within a particular vertical.

Cases referred from the website will be subject to a referral fee which varies depending on the type of case accepted. Lawyers wishing to join Oratto will need to sign a referral agreement and sign-up to a code of conduct to ensure service standards are maintained consistently and all cases accepted via the website are properly reported.

Lawyers can sign-up directly on the Oratto website at

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