Natural SEO (search engine optimisation) in the UK is set to attract a growing amount of advertising budget as funding for paid search is forecast to drop by up to ten per cent compared to the past 12 months. Newly published research reveals 2009 may be the first year that organic SEO beats pay-per-click (PPC), which has seen advertising rates increase in recent times.

Research into some of the world's biggest companies has revealed that they are still struggling to be effective at natural search engine optimisation (SEO).

A study of top US brands showed that natural SEO - sometimes called organic search engine optimisation - is still in the early stages of development among the Fortune 500 group of public companies.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) issues are still unclear over websites that link to news stories or copy headlines from online content after a legal case about the matter failed to go to trial.

A publisher planning to sue the New York Times (NYT) over copyright infringement reached a settlement just before an intellectual property court case to examine the matter was due to start.