BORN have been working with Tuffphones, the online retailer of 'tough mobile phones' and are proud to announce the launch of their new Magento site today. With search engine optimisation fully in mind, BORN have ensured that the site gets off to the best possible start. The Magento platform provides search engine friendly URLs and an intelligent 301 redirect system built-in which means none of their previous link building efforts will be wasted.

eBay made the $22.5m investment back in March 2010, but the name of Magento's secret backer remained secret up until now. eBay

Magento is the developer of one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms with year on year growth of 250%. The platform is open source and has been downloaded 3 million times and powers roughly 100,000 online shops worldwidetaking over $25 billion in sales each year.

JCPenney, the famous chain of US department stores, is in trouble for its search engine optimisation tactics.

A reporter for The New York Times posed as an SEO worker and joined an independent search engine optimisation agency to shed light on how the retailing giant was achieving its high status in the SERPs for so many highly profitable search terms.

Confusion reigned for online retailers as reports hit the world's media that the internet is running out of new addresses.

As news broke that the last blocks of IPv4 addresses were being assigned to APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry which allocates IP and AS numbers in the Asia Pacific region, panic spread about how e-commerce might be affected if routers and certain digital devices ceased to function correctly using new IPv6 addresses.