On April 24th 2012 many websites suffered a drop in search engine rankings after Google launched the Penguin algorithm update.  Two weeks on Matt Cutts has suggested that those affected by this update should review his videos "When are penalties lifted" and "Does Google take manual action on webspam?" in order to understand how to clean up their websites and if the website in question will automatically return to it's previous positions or whether a re-inclusion request is required.

The new Google Consumer Survey site allows users to write their own survey questions which are then presented to users on websites around the internet.  Survey makers pay $0.10 per completed survey and the site which hosts the survey receives a small income in a similar way to Googe Adsense.

The person answering the survey may gain access to premium content on websites in return for their responses.  Instead of bombarding surfers with a 40 question survey, the Google Consumer Survey can ask 40 people one question each.  According to Google this improves the response rate from 2% to 40%