At Born, our team are pleased to announce the completion of a new eCommerce website for DTC Healthcare LTD – Over the last few months, we've been working closely with this UK distributor of cold sore remedies on the design, construction, as well as the development of this project and have also been entrusted with all aspects of their online marketing, including social media and PR campaigns. Built on Joomla 3 and powered by Bootstrap 3, the website has been optimised for speed, stability, performance, and security. Furthermore, we have ensured that it loads quickly as well as safely – meaning customers can browse for Herstat without worrying about any technical glitches.

Over the last week, there have been reports by webmasters on the Webmasterworld forum that they are seeing large fluctuations in their website's listings in the Google search results, causing speculation that another algorithm change is currently being rolled out.  The Mozcast website shows two peaks in ranking turbulence during the end of October and another peak at the beginning of November, (see Below.)