Write the perfect AdWords ad and increase clicks and sales

When we help a business build a new website and create a new brand, we believe it is important to be up-front about how long it will take to see significant amounts of organic traffic arrive at the site.  This can take over a year of hard work involving content creation and marketing, social media, PR and the other traditional aspects of SEO such as link acquisition and on-page optimisation of title tags, page headings, images and body content.  During this period of frenzied activity it is worth considering implementing a well planned and highly focussed PPC campaign.

low-fruitDon’t throw money away!  Start by picking the low hanging fruit.

AdWords campaigns can be expensive.  Be warned, if you don’t know what you’re doing you can easily spend hundreds of pounds a day bidding on phrases which bring traffic that may enjoy your website, but will never convert into sales.

Identifying long-tail phrases with high conversion rates is essential.  If your business fits in a small niche, then use the AdWords keyword planner tool to see the range of phrases covering your market and aim for a balance between the number of searches and the suggested bids.

The table below, taken from Google’s Keyword Planner tool, demonstrates that if you are in the ‘luxury safari’ business in Kenya, your starting point should be with the last two cheaper options and any bids placed on the other phrases should start at least 50% below the suggested bid.

Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches Suggested bid
safari africa 50 2.05
south africa safari 10 1.86
safaris in kenya 260 0.74
south african safari 10 1.61
kenya tanzania safaris 880 0.79
safari in tanzania 20 0.52
luxury safari 10 0.25
kenya safari holidays 110 0.25


Remember that PPC campaigns can be updated as often as you like, daily, hourly or minute by minute, so there’s no rush, err on the side of caution and slowly build up to a bid price which you think gives you a good return on investment.

This cautious approach can be applied to any industry and the keyword phrases can be expanded further to include brand names and geographic qualifiers, allowing you to place your ad in front of your ideal customer.

adwords-logoWriting your AdWords ad

Think about what attracts your eye when you are making a purchase online.  Below is a list of tips to bear in mind when you write your ad.  Remember that you don’t have a lot of room to play with, the title must be no more than 25 characters and the description lines 35.

Price:  Adding a price may prevent unwanted buyers clicking and costing you money.  If your price is the best in your niche, you may attract more clicks without having to bid for the top slot.

Special offers:  “Get £20 off”, “free delivery”, “30% discount” and “save £50”.  These are all methods proven to attract the eye of a potential customer.

The keyword or phrase:  When a customer has performed a search, Google will embolden the words they have used if it finds them in your advert.  Many users subconsciously register these bold words and phrases when they scan the search results to ensure the link they click is relevant.

A good display URL: If you are selling laptops use URLs like www.example.com/laptops, www.example.com/cheap-laptops or www.example.com/best-laptops

Reassurance:  User phrases to reassure your customer such as “quick sign up”, “easy process”, “friendly staff”, “24 hour support” or “next-day delivery”

Limited time:  Offers which expire within the next few days or by the end of the month create that sense of urgency which encourages customers to stop shopping around and make their purchase immediately.

Call to action:  Calls to action do work, from “try it yourself” to “take it for a test drive” all play on parts of our psychology which pique our curiosity, create anticipation or suggest rewards.  Be creative and think outside the box in order to stand out from the usual “buy now” or “order online”.

Check your competitors ads:  This is often the first stage in writing an ad, but should probably be the last.  If you’ve incorporated some of the ideas above, you’ll probably arrive at this stage and think that your ad is better than the competition!


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