BORN has created – a new website for DTC Healthcare

BORN has created – a new website for DTC Healthcare

At Born, our team are pleased to announce the completion of a new eCommerce website for DTC Healthcare LTD – Over the last few months, we’ve been working closely with this UK distributor of cold sore remedies on the design, construction, as well as the development of this project and have also been entrusted with all aspects of their online marketing, including social media and PR campaigns.

Built on Joomla 3 and powered by Bootstrap 3, the website has been optimised for speed, stability, performance, and security. Furthermore, we have ensured that it loads quickly as well as safely – meaning customers can browse for Herstat without worrying about any technical glitches.

Described as the “comprehensive treatment for cold sores”, more than four million tubes of Herstat have already been sold around the world and many of those prone to outbreaks have expressed a preference for the remedy. For example, in one clinical trial, over 81% of participants described it as being “very effective” while almost 94% stated they would use it again.

Herstat can effectively relieve the symptoms of cold sores, but can also dramatically reduce healing time, with the same research showing that – on average – those who applied this treatment for five times on a daily basis recovered 3.53 days quicker than the control group.

Cold sores are a common ailment which affect significant numbers of people each year. Although some cases are often relatively minor, it has been claimed that approximately 30% of individuals carry the virus responsible for causing these blisters, and experience recurring outbreaks.

Cold sores generally tend to disappear within 12 days without any medical intervention, but those prone to recurring outbreaks usually experience feeling pain and discomfort. Furthermore, they could be embarrassed by the way the blisters look, potentially harming their psychological wellbeing.

If you suffer from cold sores, Herstat can help relieve these symptoms and cut healing time. If you wish to find out more information about the benefits of Herstat, or want to learn additional information about this product, please click here to visit the new website.

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